BAGC Pace of Play Policy

Blue Ash Golf Course is a very busy and demanding golf course.  The pace of play policy is in place for the enjoyment of all golfers.  Please feel free to give us a call if you feel you may have difficulty adhering to our pace of play policy.  We will be happy to inform you of a less busy time or to a course that is more suitable to your ability.  We would like you to enjoy the game of golf, whether it is here or at another facility.  

Beginners should consider visiting a course that is catered to their abilities.  Meadowlinks Golf Course and Little Miami Learning Center are two excellent facilities in the area that are better suited for beginners to learn the game.  BAGC is a championship level course and therefore it is very difficult for new players to adhere to the pace of play policy.  If you do have beginners in your group, please realize that your group is still expected to keep up with the pace of play.  It is not recommended to play a 2 man scramble at any point here!  This is actually the slowest format that a group can play.  Please call Anthony or Kirk in the Pro Shop to get advice on some formats that will help you play at pace that is acceptable.

                         PACE OF PLAY POLICY

As with any golf course, the number one rule for pace of play is keep up with the group in front of you.  If you are unable to keep up with the group in front of you our pace of play policy allows a foursome to complete an 18 hole round in no more than 4 hours and 30 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes for 9 holes).  The 18 hole time includes 10 minutes to grab a snack and beverage at the turn.  It is up to the golfer to select the appropriate tee position (Green, White, Blue or Black) so they can comply with the golf course Pace of Play Policy.

The Blue Ash Golf Course Player's Assistants have been charged with the responsibility to monitor the golf course pace of play, keep the golfers informed of their status and take corrective action if a group is falling behind the pace.  When a group is behind the pace of play standard the Player's Assistant will:
      1.  Inform the group that their pace of play is slower than the established
           standard and they will need to close the gap with the group in front of
           them within the next 2 holes.

      2.  If the group fails to close the gap within 2 holes, they will be asked,
           politely and firmly, to pick up their balls and move to the appropriate
           place on the golf couse (typically immediately behind the group in
           front of them) based on the elapsed time of their round.

      3.  If the slow group continues to remain off the pace, they will be asked
           to cease play and return to the clubhouse to receive a raincheck for
           the portion of the round they did not complete.


                                 THE PACE OF PLAY.